Crepis aurea – Hawk’s Beard –

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Crepis – Hawk’s Beard –

There are about 200 species of annuals and perennials, in this genus. They occur in dry grassland, on stony slopes, and among mountain screes and rocks throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Although some species are persistent weeds, others are grown for their dandelion like flowers, borne singly or in simple or compound, many flowered racemes, corymbs, or panicles. They have one or several, mainly branched stems,, and usually produce flattened, basal rosettes of smooth edged to pinnatifid leaves. These species grown as ornamental plants are suitable for a large rock garden.

Grow in any well drained soil in full sun.

Prone to powdery mildew and rust.

C. aurea – This rosette forming, taprooted perennial from the Alps, Mountains of Italy and Southern and Western Balkans grows 4-12″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces obovate to inversely lance shaped, toothed or cleft, light green leaves, to 4″ long. From summer to autumn it bears usually solitary, golden orange flowers, 1 1/4″ across, atop of stems clothed in black and white hairs.

Zones 5-7