Crypthbergia ‘Red Burst’ –

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x Crypthbergia –

This hybrid genus, between Cryptanthus and Billbergia, is rosette forming, evergreen terrestrial perennial (bromeilad). The narrowly triangular, arching, olive green to bronze outer leaves (shading to wine red in the center in some variants) are much longer than the inner ones, which tend to form a cup. In summer, cryptbergias usually bear small corymbs of tubular white flowers, with spreading lobes, from the centers of the rosettes. Most offset freely.

Grow in terrestrial bromeliad potting mix in bright filtered light, with moderate humidity. In the growing season, water freely, applying a dilute fertilizer monthly, water sparingly at other times.

Prone to whiteflies and scale insects.

C. ‘Red Burst’ – This clump forming bromeliad grows 12″ tall and wide. It produces basal rosettes of dark green leaves, to 20″ long, turning copper-red in the lower halves, and with minutely scaly undersides. In full light, the foliage intensifies to bronze-red. Small clusters of short lived white flowers, to ½” across, are occasionally borne in summer.

Zones 14-15