Cystopteris protrusa – Lowland Brittle Fern – Bladder Fern –

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Cystopteris – Bladder Fern –

There are about 20 species of deciduous, rhizomatous ferns, in this genus. They occur among calcareous rocks in temperate and subtropical areas. They produce very finely, divided, lance shaped or triangular fronds, usually pinnate or 2 to 4 pinnate to pinnatifid, arise from creeping or erect rhizomes, the sori protected by bladder shaped indusia, giving rise to the common name. Grow in a rock garden or shady fern border.

Grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in partial shade. Shelter from wind. Divide rhizomes in spring.

Prone to leaf gall and rust.

C. protrusa – Lowland Brittle Fern – This deciduous, terrestrial fern from North America grows 32″ tall and 12″ wide. From long, creeping rhizomes sprouts tufts of lance shaped, 2 or 3 pinnate, mid green fronds, 16″ long, with oblong-lance shaped segments and wedge shaped, stalked bases on the lowest segments. The growing points of the leaves extend 3/4-2″ beyond the leaves. Keep moist during dry periods.

Zones 4-8