Cornus chinensis kousa ‘Wolfeyes’ – Dogwood – Wolf eyes dogwood –


Cornus chinensis kousa ‘Wolfeyes’

deciduous tree

can be sold in containers or by thickness of trunk with various heights

C. kousa – Kousa Dogwood – Japanese Flowering Dogwood – Kousa – Chinese Dogwood – This slow growing, vase shaped, deciduous tree or bushy shrub from China, Korea and Japan grows 25′ feet tall and 15′ feet wide. It has mottled bark. It produces ovate, wavy edged, pointed, glossy, dark green leave4s, to 3″ long, turning deep bronze-crimson in autumn. In early summer, green flowers are borne in flowerheads, to ½” across, surrounded by 4 showy, ovate-lance shaped to ovate white bracts, 1-2″ long, flowers are followed by raspberry like, fleshy red or pink fruit. Thrives in sun.

‘Wolf-eyes is a variegated variant with white edged leaves

Grow in full sun or very light
shade, in neutral to acidic soil that’s rich, fertile, well drained soil,
though some of the multi stemmed shrub species will grow well in boggy ground.

zone 5-9