Drosera anglica – English Sundew – Great Sundew – Sundew – Daily Dew –


Drosera – Sundew – Daily Dew

There are about 100 species of rosette forming or scrambling, evergreen or herbaceous, carnivorous perennials, also including some annuals, in this genus. They occur in poor, acidic, damp to boggy soil throughout the world, but mainly in Australia. They produce leaves that are alternate or whorled, often long stalked, and linear to almost circular, the blades covered and fringed with glad-tipped, red, or green hairs, which trap and digest insects. The small flowers are usually 5 petalled, most often white, pink or purple and are carried singly or in racemes or panicles. In warmer climate, use in a bog garden.

Grow in damp to wet, peaty acidic, nutritionally poor soil in full sun.

D. anglica – English Sundew – Great Sundew – This native to England, it also ranges through Europe, Asia and North America. It produces linear pale green leaves are covered in bright red glands. The flowers are white and produced in summer on stems to 10″ tall.

Zones 4-10