Platycodon b. ‘Sentimental Blue’ – Dwarf Balloon flower –


Platycodon b. ‘Sentimental Blue’


needs a mostly sunny site

comes in quart or 1 gallon size container

P. grandiflorus – This compact, clump forming perennial from Russia, Northern China, Korea, and Japan grows 24″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces elliptical, serrated, bluish green leaves, to 2″ long, borne in whorls on lower stem, and held alternately higher up the stem. In late summer, cluster of large balloon like buds open to shallow, bell shaped, 5 petaled, purple blue flowers, to 2″ across, with darker blue veins and pointed tips to the petals. Plants with pinkish mauve and variegated flowers sometimes occur from seed.

zones 3 to 8