Scabiosa ‘Pink mist’ – Dwarf pincushion flower –


Scabiosa ‘Pink mist’

comes in quart to 1 gallon pot

S. columbaria – Small Scabious – This branched, hairy biennial or perennial from Europe and Western Asia grows to 20-28″ tall and at least 3′ feet wide. From long stalks, it carries ovate to lance shaped, simple or pinnatifid basal leaves, up to 6″ long, and pinnatifid, 2 pinnatifid, or pinnatisect stem leaves, the upper most very finely divided, all are light, mid or grayish green. From summer to early autumn it bears, solitary, bluish lilac flowers, to 1 ½” across.

‘Butterfly Blue’ – S. ‘Butterfly Blue’ – grows 16″ tall and wide and produces gray-green leaves, and bears lavender-blue flowers in mid and late summer

Pink Mist’ – S. ‘Butterfly Pink’ – S. ‘Pink Mist’ – is similar to ‘Butterfly Blue’ but with deep pink to lavender-pink flowers, borne over long periods in summer.

perennial – Grow in moderately fertile, well drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil in full sun. Protect from excessive winter moisture. Deadhead to prolong flowering. Divide and replant perennials in spring in fresh or replenished soil every 3 years.

Zones 3-8