Lilium – Easter lily


used for Easter time for interior and is heavily scented

numerous sizes available

L. longiflorum – Easter Lily – St. Joseph Lily – Bermuda Lily -This vigorous, stem rooting lily from Southern Japan and Taiwan grows 16-48″ tall. It produces scattered, shiny lance shaped to oblong-lance shaped, shiny, deep green leaves, to 8″ long and 1″ wide. In mid season it bears short racemes of 1-8 very fragrant, trumpet shaped, horizontally held, pure white flowers, to 8″ long, with yellow anthers. Widely grown for cut flowers, Lime tolerant. Grow in partial shade.

perennial – Grow in well drained soil enriched with leaf mold or well rotted organic matter. Most prefer acidic to neutral soil, but some are lime tolerant or prefer alkaline soils. The majority like a position in full sun, with the base of the plant in shade, a few prefer partial shade in light woodland.

Zones 7-9