Primulia veris – Primrose – English Cowslip –


Primilia veris


grow in partial shade

blooms in mid spring

comes in quart or in a 1 gallon pot

P. veris – Cowslip – This very variable, rosette forming, evergreen or semi evergreen perennial found from Europe to Asia grows 10″ tall and wide. It produces oblong-ovate to ovate, sometimes scalloped, mid green leaves, to 8″ long. In early and mid season it bears umbels of 2-16 salverform, nodding, fragrant, deep yellow flowers, ½-1″ across.

Partial shade, in deep, humus rich, moist, neutral to acidic loam, or peaty soil. Tolerates full sun if soil remains moist at all times

Zones 3-8