Epigaea repens – Ground Laurel – Mayflower – Trailing Arbutus – Orphanidesia –


Epigaea – Orphanidesia –

There are about 3 species of prostrate, evergreen shrubs and subshrubs, in this genus. They occur in woodland in Turkey, Japan and North America. They are grown for their shjort, axillary or terminal cluster or racemes of small, urn shaped, funnel-shaped, or tubular-bell shaped flowers, borne in spring, and for their ovate to oblong, smooth edged, tough, prominently veined, dark green leaves, carried on rusty-hairy branches. Grow in a shaded niche in a rock garden or woodland garden.

Grow in humus rich, moist, acidic soil in deep to light, dappled shade.

Prone to fungal spots, spider mites, and whiteflies.

E. repens – Ground Laurel – Mayflower – Trailing Arbutus – This creeping sub shrub from North America grows 3″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces ovate-oblong, sparsely bristly-hairy, glossy, dark green leaves, to 3″ long, heart shaped at the bases, carried on hairy, rooting stems. In spring it bears fragrant, urn shaped white flowers, to ½” long, sometimes pink flushed, in dense, raceme like, terminal clusters. Difficult to transplant and establish.

Zones 3-9