Athyrium filix – femina – Asplenium filix-femina – Lady Fern – Fern


comes 1 or 2 gallon

Athyrium filix-femina – Asplenium filix-femina – Lady Fern – This variable, deciduous fern is found in a wide range of regions in the Northern hemisphere, grows 4’ feet tall and spreads to 24-36” wide. It produces erect rhizomes and usually lance shape 2 or 3 pinnate or pinnatifid, light green fronds to 3’ feet long. The red-brown stalks are borne erect but may arch outwards with age. The individual segments are variably in size but are usually elliptic with pointed tips.

When grown outdoors place in shade in moist, fertile, neutral to acidic soil, enriched with leaf mold or compost. Divide in spring.

zones 5-10