Ficus lyrata (tree) – Fiddle leaf Fig –


Fiddle Leaf Fig-


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F. lyrata – F. pendurata – Banjo Fig – Fiddle-leaf Fig – This spreading evergreen tree from Tropical Western and Central Africa grows 70-100′ feet tall and 30-70′ feet wide but is often seen as a houseplant and much smaller. It produces leathery, glossy, violin-shaped, dark green leaves, heavily veined, 10-18″ long, irregularly corrugated above. Almost spherical figs, to 1 1/4″ or more across, which ripen green with white dots, are carried singly or in pairs only on mature trees in the open.

Indoors grow in soil based potting mix, with added fine bark chips, in full or filtered light. During growth water moderately and apply a high nitrogen fertilizer every 4 weeks. Keep moist in winter.

Zones 11-12