Caryota mitis – Fishtail palm –


Caryota mitis – Fishtail Palm

has leaves that look like a fish tail

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C. mitis – Clustered Fishtail Palm – Burmese Fishtail Palm – This small to medium sized palm from rainforest in Southeaster Asia grows 10-40′ feet tall with a 10-22′ feet wide crown and a 3-4″ diameter trunk. The trunk is at first clothed with fibrous leaf bases, later bare. The broadly linear, 2 pinnate, rich green leaves are 6-12′ feet long, with 6-60, fishtail, asymmetrical 3 angled leaflets. In summer it bears pendent panicles, 12″ or more long, of cream flowers, to 3/4″ across, and bears marble sized fruit ripen to dark red. Prefer moist soils.

Indoors, grow in soil based potting mix in bright filtered light and high humidity. Water freely during the growing season, applying a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, water sparingly in winter.

Zones 10-12