Fontanesia fortunei – Fortune fontanesia

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Fontanesia –

There are 2 species of deciduous shrubs, in this genus. They occur from dry, open hillsides in China. Fontanesia are multi stemmed, privet-like shrubs, grown for their opposite, long, sharp pointed, bright green leaves. Grow as a large hedge, they are well suited to an urban site.

Grow in moderately fertile, well drained soil, in full sun to partial shade.

F. fortunei – Fortune fontanesia – This upright, multi stemmed shrub from China grows 10-12′ feet tall and half as wide. It produces lance shaped, glossy, bright green leaves, with smooth edges, 1-4 ½” long, that persist into winter. In early summer it bears terminal panicles, 2″ long, of small, 4 petalled, white flowers with protruding stamens, 1/4″ long, followed by a flat winged nutlet.

Zones 4-8