Goniolimon tataricum – Limonium tataricum – Tatarian Statice –

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Goniolimon –

There are about 20 species of perennials in this genus. They occur in hot, dry habitats from Southeastern Europe to Mongolia, and in Northwestern Africa. They are grown for their panicles or spike like corymbs of tubular-trumpet shaped, everlasting, white, pink, purple, or red flowers, borne on compressed and flanged, branched stems. Large, smooth, leathery or fleshy leaves are arranged in basal rosettes. They flower best in hot, dry summers or in warm areas. Grow in a perennial or mixed border, or in a cutting garden.

Grow in sandy, well drained soil in full sun.

G. tataricum – Limonium tataricum – Tatarian Statice – This rosette perennial from Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus grows 12″ tall and wide. It produces oblong to obovate or inversely lance shaped, pale green leaves, 3/4-6″ long, with white spots.   In mid and late summer it bears tubular flowers with white sepals and spreading, purple-red to ruby-red petals are carried in wide spreading panicles, to 5″ or more long. Excellent for cut or dried arrangements.

Zones 4-11