Erica pink – Heather –


Erica pink

evergreen perennial

comes in 1 or 2 gallon pots

Erica – Heath – Heather –

There are about 800 species of prostrate to tree like, evergreen shrubs, in this genus. They occur in a variety of habitats from wet moorland to dry heathland in Europe, temperate Africa, and temperate Western and Central Asia. The whorled, rarely opposite, mainly linear, needle like leaves with rolled margins are usually to 1/8-½” long, althought in some of the larger species they may be 3/4″ long. The usually bell to tubular shaped flowers, 1/16-1 ½” long, develop in terminal racemes, umbels, or panicle like heads, or in 2 to 5 flowered, axillary clusters or whorls, or short, lateral branches produced on previous years growth.

Hardy species are widely grown as a groundcover, either on their own or with other ericaceous plants or dwarf conifers, and provide color throughout the year. Tree like species are excellent specimen plants. Grow in a heather garden or rock garden or among other shrubs.

Grow in well drained, neutral to acidic soil in an open site in full sun. Prune after flowering. Container grown plants need feeding once a month during the growing season. They dislike lime and manure.

zones 5-7