Helictotrichon sempervirens – Avena candida – A. sempervirens – Blue Oat Grass – Oatgrass –


Helictotrichon – Oatgrass –

There are about 50 species of tussocky forming, deciduous and evergreen, perennial grasses, in this genus.They occur from rocky, slopes, wasteland, or field margins in temperate Europe, Western Asia and North America.The linear, mid to light green, or gray-blue leaves are flat, ribbed, or creased or have rolled margins.Oblong flattened, glistening spikelets are borne in erect or nodding panicles.Use in a herbaceous or mixed border, or for gravel plantings, where they associate well with purple or silver leaved plants.

Grow in well drained, poor to moderately fertile, preferably alkaline sandy or gravelly soil in full sun.Divide in spring.

Prone to rust.

H. sempervirens – Avena candida – A. sempervirens – Blue Oat Grass – This densely tufted, evergreen, perennial grass from Central and Southwestern Europe grows 4 ½’ feet tall and 2′ feet wide and is the most commonly species cultivated.It forms hemispherical mounds of flat or tightly rolled, linear, arching, gray-blue leaves, to 9″ long.In early and mid summer, stiff, upright stems bear glistening, straw colored, purple marked spikelets in open panicles, to 7″ long, nodding at the tips.

Zones 4-9