Acer palmatum ‘Butterfly’ – Maple


Acer palmatum – Japanese Maple – Rounded headed, deciduous tree from China, Korea and Japan and grows 25’ feet tall and 30’ feet wide. It produces rounded. Shallowly to deeply 5 to 9 lobed, mid green leaves, 2-5” long, which turn orange to yellow or red in autumn. It bears tiny, purple-red flower, produced in small, pendent corymbs, are followed by red winged fruit in late summer

Butterfly’ – is an upright shrubbery tree growing 10’ feet tall and 15’ feet wide. It bears small shallowly lobed gray-green, 1 ¼-2” leaves edge with white and pink.

Grows well in cooler temperature areas with adequate rainfall in fertile soil but well drained in sun or partial shade. For better fall color plant in acidic or neutral soil.

zones 5-9