Aconitum c. ‘Arendsii’


Aconitum carmichaelii – Aconitum fischeri of gardens – Native to Russia and China it is a very popular cultivars. It grows 5-6’ feet tall and a narrow 12-16”inches wide. Rich violet-blue hooded flowers are densely packed on spikes in late summer or early autumn. Leaves are thick with a leathery feel that are glossy and deeply veined.

‘Arendsii’ – ‘Arends’ – Grows 4’ feet high and just 12 inches across on sturdy stems it bears rich blue flowers in a panicle early and mid autumn.

Aconitum will tolerate most soil in a deep cool moist site. If summers are hot and dry, plant in partial shade. A great plant for borders and woodland gardens. Also great cut flower but if skin comes in contact with the plant it may irritate, remember it is highly toxic. Divide ever 3 years, some varieties require stalking.

zones 3-8