Hemiptelea davidii

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Hemiptelea –

There is a single species, of a spiny, deciduous tree, in this genus. It occurs in North China, Mongolia, and Korea. It produces leaves are mid to dark green, elliptic in shaped, and have toothed edges. Although the flowers and fruit are both insignificant, this is a dense attractive shade tree thaat is almost always smaller than 50′ feet.

Grow in average garden soil that drains freely in an open, sunny position.

H. davidii – The more vigorous branches of this small tree are armed with long, sharp thorns like those of a Hawthorn. The oval leaves are only 1-2″ long, and their upper surfaces bear small stiff hairs which fall off leaving small darker green pits. The nut like fruit are 2 edged with slight wings, only about 1/4″ wide.

Zones 3-9