Heterotheca villosa – Chrysopsis villosa – Hairy Golden Aster – Chrysopsis –


Heterotheca – Chrysopsis –

There are about 20 species of clump forming, erect annuals and perennials, in this genus. They occur from dry, sunny sites usually in well drained, sandy soil, in Southern North America. The alternate, simple, ovate to inversely lance shaped are toothed or smooth edged, sometimes softly silver hairy, and usually mid green. Branched stems bear corymbs of daisy like yellow flowers. Grow in a mixed or herbaceous border or in a large rock garden. Species vary in height from about 8″ tall to 5′ feet tall.

Grow in well drained, poor to moderately fertile, sandy or gravelly soil in full sun. Protect from excessive winter moisture. Divide perennials in spring.

H. villosa – Chrysopsis villosa – Hairy Golden Aster – This softly gray hairy, sometime rhizomatous perennial grows 8-32″ tall and 8″ wide. It produces erect to decumbent stems. Basal gray green leaves are oblong-elliptic to lance shaped, usually smooth edged, occasionally toothed, and to 1 ½” long, stem leaves are linear-lance shaped and ½-1 1/4″ long. From mid summer to early autumn it bears corymbs of golden yellow flowers, each 3/4-1 ½” across. Needs a very well drained, sunny site.

Zones 4-10