Jaborosa integrifolia –

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Genus of about 20 species of perennial with oval basal leaves that may be entire, toothed or 5 to 6 lobed depending on the species. They producer solitary or few flowered cymes of tubular or bell shaped flower.  Most species occur in South America.

Grow in moderately fertile, light well drained soil (which is essential), in a sunny, sheltered spot.  Provide dry winter mulch where marginally hardy.

Prone to slug and snail damage.  Divided in late winter or early spring.

J. integrifolia – This rhizomatous stemless perennial is the only species commonly grown.  This descendent from South Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina can grow 6” tall with an indefinite spread.  It produces basal clusters of oval to elliptical, fleshy, entire, dark green leaves, 8” or more long.  From late spring to early summer it bears solitary tubular, greenish white flowers, to 2 ½” across, with star shaped lobes, which scent is strongest at night.  It may become invasive.

Zones 8-10