Cryptomeria – Japanese cryptomeria ‘yoshino’


fast growing pyramidal evergreen with bright green to blue-green foliage

grow in full sun to partial shade

comes 5-6′, 6-7′, 7-8′ feet tall and larger

C. japonica – Japanese Cedar – This conical or columnar, coniferous tree from Japan quickly grows 80-90′ feet tall and 20′ feet wide, in 10 years it can reach 20-25′ feet tall. It can have a massive trunk with straight, vertical furrows. It produces mid to deep green leaves, to ½” long, turning bronze to brown in winter. Bears brown female cones, each scale with 3-5 seeds

Tolerates most well drained soils,
although it grows best in deep, fertile, moist but well drained, humus rich
soil in a sheltered site in full sun or partial shade.

zones 6-9