Kalimeris pinnatifida ‘Hortensia’ –


Kalimeris –

There are about 10 species of upright, leafy perennials in this genus.  They occur damp habitats in China, Korea and Japan.  They have alternate, linear-ovate to elliptic, sometimes toothed or smooth edged or pinnatifid leaves.  They are grown for their panicles of white, sometimes violet or pink tinged flower heads with a yellow center appear from summer to fall.  All species grow to be about 3-5’ feet tall.  They are best suited to a wild or informal border.

They are easily grown in any average soil that moist in sun or partial shade, stake taller species and shelter from wind.

K. pinnatifida ‘Hortensia’ – This upright, bushy perennial grows 2’ feet tall and wide.  It produces oblong to ovate-oblong, pinnatifid, softly hairy, mid green lower leaves, to 3” long, with linear-lance shaped, smooth edged upper leaves, to 1” long.  From mid summer to autumn it bears panicles of semi double white flower heads, to 1” across, with yellow centers.

Zones 5-9