Kerria japonica ‘Phenthoa’ – Japanese Rose –


Kerria – Japanese Rose –

There is a sole species of deciduous shrub in this genus.  Found in thickets and woodland in China and Japan.  It has alternate, bright green, roughly diamond shaped leaves with serrated edges up to 2 ½” long.  It bears saucer or cup shaped yellow flowers up to 2 ½” across.  Kerrias are grown for their foliage and flowers, and are suitable for a shrub border or an open position in a woodland garden.

Grow in fertile, moderately moist, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.  Divide in autumn.

Prone to Coral spot, fireblight, leaf blight, twig blight and canker.

Kerria japonica ‘Phenthoa’

Zones 4-8