Kolkwitzia amabilis – Beautybush –

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Kolkwitzia – Beautybush –

There is a sole species of deciduous shrub in this genus.  Found in rocky, mountainous areas of China.  It has simple leaves, carried in opposite pairs, and is grown for its profusion of spring blooms of bell shaped flowers carried in dense corymbs.  Beautybush is excellent for a shrub border or as a specimen plant.

Grow in any well drained soil, preferably in full sun, although some shade is tolerated.  In cold areas protect from cold winds.

K. amabilis – This bushy, deciduous, suckering shrub from China grows 10-12’ feet tall and wide.  From long arching shoots it carries broadly egg shaped, pointed, deep green leaves, to 3” long.  In late spring and early summer it bears masses of bell shaped, pale to deep pink flowers, to ½” across with yellow flushed throats held in terminal corymbs, 2-3” across, followed by small fruit covered with bristles.

Zones 5-9