Leymus arenarius – Elymus arenarius – Lyme Grass – European Dune Grass – Wild Rye –


Leymus – European Dune Grass – Wild Rye –

There are about 40 species of rhizomatous, perennial grasses, formerly included in Elymus, in this genus. They occur mainly in grassland in temperate Northern Hemisphere, with one species from Argentina. They have linear, flat or rolled, stiff, glaucous leaves, and bear narrowly linear racemes of usually paired, sometimes solitary spikelets in summer. The ornamental species are grown for the architectural value of their blue-green leaves, although invasive, they are also suitable for a mixed or herbaceous border.

Grow in moderately fertile but not heavy, well drained soil in full sun or part shade. Cut down in autumn. Divide in mid spring.

zones 4-9