Marrubium cylleneum – Horehound –

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Marrubium – Horehound –

There are about 40 species of woolly, aromatic perennials herbs in this genus. They occur from the Mediterranean, Europe, temperate Asia, mainly in sunny, dry, stony wasteland. They have square stems that carry alternate, opposite pairs of usually ovate, toothed leaves with soft hairs and conspicuous veining. They bear tubular, 2 lipped flowers held in axillary whorls. Grow in a large rock garden or a mixed border, they are especially effective in a Mediterranean style garde.

Grow in poor, well drained soil in full sun. Provide shelter from cold, drying winds and protection from excessive winter moisture. Divide in mid spring.

M. cylleneum – This spreading, densely woolly perennial from Greece and Albania grows 20″’ tall and 12-18″ wide. From long haired stem it carries obovate, scalloped, mid green leaves, to 2″ long. In summer it bears tight whorls of yellow flowers, to ½” across.

Zones 6-9