Caltha palustris – Marsh Marigold –


Caltha palustris


comes in quarts or 1 gallon pots

C. palustris – This deciduous or semi evergreen, variable, marginal aquatic perennial from North temperate region grows 4-18″ tall and 18″ wide. From decumbent rhizomes sprout kidney shaped, toothed, dark green leaves, 1 ½-4″ long. From spring to mid summer it bears stems 12-18″ tall, carry waxy golden yellow flowers, 1 ½” across. May grow in water to 9″ deep for short periods, but prefers very shallow water or bog conditions.

Grow in an open site in rich, boggy soil in full sun at the water’s edge, marsh marigolds will tolerate root restriction in aquatic containers. Divide in late summer or very early spring.

zones 3-8