Marsilea drummondii – Common Water Clover – Common Nardoo – Pepperwort – Water Clover – Nardoo –


Marsilea – Pepperwort – Water Clover – Nardoo –

There are about 65 species of rhizomatous, terrestrial, amphibious and aquatic perennial ferns, in this genus. They occur from warm temperate Europe, tropical western Africa, Northern Asia, Australia, and Eastern USA. They are grow in large numbers, mainly beside rivers, but also in lakes, where elongated rhizomes grow upward, producing a canopy of surface leaves that look like clovers, that develop a terrestrial form if the water recedes. Triangular to ovate, 4 lobed leaves each bear a spore case at the base, and close up at night when submerged. Grow at the margins of a pool. Can be invasive.

Grow in the muddy margins of a pool, or in aquatic planting containers filled with slightly acid water in full sun, at a depth of 6″.

M. drummondii – Common Water Clover – Common Nardoo – This creeping, terrestrial or aquatic perennial fern from Australia grows 6″ tall with an indefinite spread. It produces fan shaped leaves, 1 ½” across, with 4 leaflets, and upright stems, to 12″ long, can be longer pending on water depth.

Zones 9-11