Aster movi-belgii ‘New York’ – New York aster –


Aster movi-belgii ‘New York’


blooms in late summer

comes in 1 or 2 gallon pot

Aster novi-belgii – Michaelmas Daisy – New York Aster – This rhizomatous clump forming perennial from East coast of the USA from Newfoundland to Georgia grows to 4’ feet tall and spreads to 3 feet wide. It produces stem-clasping lance shaped, mid green leaves 2-4” long. From late summer to mid autumn it bears corymbs like panicles 4-12” wide of violet flowers to 2 1/2” wide with yellow centers. It’s very prone to mildew.

Grow in well cultivated fertile, moist rich soil in sun or partial shade

zones 3-8