Nuphar advena – Common spatterdock – Spatterdock – Pond Lily – Yellow Pond Lily –


Nuphar – Spatterdock – Pond Lily – Yellow Pond Lily –

There are about 25 species of deciduous, submerged, aquatic perennials, it this genus. They occur mainly from temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They have thick, creeping rhizomes, and both leathery floating leaves and membranous submerged leaves. In summer, they bear solitary, almost spherical flowers, which are produced in yellow and green tones, held above the water surface. The flowers are followed by berry like, ovoid to flask shaped fruits. Generally more vigorous than water lilies (Nymphaea), thrive in deeper, cooler water, forming robust groups of foliage on large natural lakes, where they may cover the water surface completely.

Outdoors, grow vigorous species in water to 6′ feet deep, anchoring the thick rhizome in the mud at the bottom. Grow less vigorous, species in water about 12″ deep, providing a free root run. Grow in full sun, and divide frequently for optimum flower production.

Prone to white smut and leaf spot.

N. advena – Common spatterdock – This aquatic perennial from Central and Eastern USA has an indefinite spread capability. It produces floating or upright, broadly ovate to oblong, thick, tough, leathery leaves, to 12″ long. In summer, it bears red tinged yellow flowers, 1 ½” across, with coppery red stamens.

Zones 6-11