Ononis rotundifolia – Restharrow –

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Ononis – Restharrow –

There are about 75 species of annuals, perennial, and dwarf shrubs in this genus. They occur in dry, rocky sites or in grassland, often in alkaline soil, in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, and from Northern Africa to Iran. They have alternate, 3 palmate or simple usually toothed and hairy, clover like, mostly mid green leaves, and are grown for their pea like flowers, borne in panicles, or racemes in summer. Grow in a rock garden, wall, or sunny bank, or at the front of a mixed or shrub border, O. repens is a source of food for the common blue butterfly, and is best sited in a wild garden, due to spreading underground runners.

Grow in a warm, sunny position in moderately fertile, well drained soil. They may be short lived.

Prone to spider mites.

O. rotundifolia – This upright, deciduous or semi evergreen, dwarf shrub from Southern Europe grows 20″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces 3 palmate leaves, 1 1/4″ long, consisting of broadly elliptic to rounded, coarsely toothed, hairy leaflets, the terminal leaflet long stalked. In summer it bears axillary racemes or panicles of pea like, pale to deep pink or white flowers, to 3/4″ long, striped darker pink.

Zones 7-10