Pachyphragma macrophyllum – Thlaspi macrophyllum –


Pachyphragma –
There is a sole species of a ground covering semi evergreen, rhizomatous perennial in this genus. It occurs in moist beech woods in Northeastern Turkey and the Caucasus. It produces long stalked, basal leaves, that are glossy, dark green at first, becoming duller with age. It bears broad terminal corymbs of 4 petaled white flowers that appear just as the leaves develop, the stems later elongate so that the flattened fruit are held above the foliage. Suitable for siting beneath tree and deciduous shrubs.
Grow in moderately fertile, moist, leafy soil, preferably in partial shade. Divide in late spring.
Prone to slugs.

P. macrophyllum – Thlaspi macrophyllum – This semi evergreen perennial from the Caucasus and Northeastern Turkey grows 18-16″ tall and 24-36″ wide. It produces ovate to rounded, scalloped leaves, 1-4″ long, produced in basal clusters that partially persist over winter. In early spring it bear flat corymbs of cross shaped, 4 petaled, unpleasantly scented white flowers, 3/4′ across, with pale green veins. Flowers are followed by distinctive, flat, inversely heart shaped fruit.
Zones 5-9