Pachysandra procumbens – Allegheny Spurge – Allegheny Pachysandra –


Pachysandra –
There are 4 or 5 , evergreen or semi evergreen perennials and subshrubs in the Boxwood family, in this genus. They occur in woodlands in Eastern Asia and North America. They have often rhizome like, fleshy green stems and upright branches with whorls of 2-4″, oblong, smooth edged or coarsely toothed, gray to deep green leaves. It bears terminal or axillary spikes of small, scented, unisexual, petalless flowers in spring or early summer. They are useful as a groundcover in a shrub border or woodland garden.
Grow in any soil but very dry, preferably enriched with humus, in full to partial shade. The more light the more water they need. Divide in spring.
Prone to leaf spot, dieback, stem rot, and damage by snails and slugs.

P. procumbens – Allegheny Spurge – Allegheny Pachysandra – This slow growing, clump forming, semi evergreen perennial from Eastern USA grows 12″ tall with an indefinite spread. It produces very loose whorls of coarsely toothed, ovate to rounded, gray green to dark green leaves, 2-4″ long, sometimes brown-green mottled. In early spring it bears spikes, 2-4″ long, of fragrant, pink to white flowers, generally as the foliage appears.
Zones 5-9