Peltoboykinia tellimoides – Boykinia tellimoides –


Peltoboykinia –
There are about 2 rhizomatous perennials in this genus. They occur in mountain woodlands in Southern Japan. They have peltate, lobed or deeply cut, toothed, glossy, olive to mid green leaves, the basal leaves have long leaf stalks, the stem leaves become progressively smaller and almost stalkless up the stem. In summer it bears short lived, small, open bell shaped, pale greenish yellow flowers held in terminal cymes. Grow as a groundcover or as foliage plants in a moist,, shaded, position, such as bog or stream side planting.
Grow in moist, moderately fertile, humus rich soil in partial shade. Divide in autumn or spring.

P. tellimoides – Boykinia tellimoides – This clump forming evergreen perennial from Japan grows 36″ tall and 30″ wide. It produces rounded to heart shaped, shallowly lobed, finely toothed, olive to mid green leaves, to 12″ long. It bears pale greenish yellow flowers, to ½” across, in early summer.
Zones 6-9