Peony ‘Krinkled White’ – Paeonies


Paeonia ‘Krinkled White’


grow in full sun

comes in 1 or 3 gallon pots

P. ‘Krinkled White’ – This herbaceous perennial grows 30-32″ tall and wide. It produces mid green leaves. Early in the season it bears large, single, cup shaped, white, occasionally pink flushed flowers, with slightly ruffled petals and golden yellow stamens.

Peonies are long lived plants, but they often resent disturbance. They are ideal for a mixed, herbaceous, or shrub border. If ingested, all parts can cause mild stomach upset. Grow in deep, fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil in full sun or slightly filtered sun light, feed annually with organic matter. They need cold winters and the soil should not be allowed to dry out in summer. They may need staking and remove deadheads and dead shoots.

Zones 4-8