Phuopsis stylosa – Ccrucianells stylosa – Crucianella –

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Phuopsis – Crucianella –
There is a sole species of a clump or mat forming, stem rooting perennial in this genus. It is found in open sites on hillsides in the Caucasus Mountains and Northeastern Iran. It produces whorls of narrowly elliptic leaves and is grown for its abundant clusters of 30-50 blooms of small, funnel to tubular shaped, ½” long, bright pink flowers with protruding style, scented flowers, borne in summer. Grow as a groundcover on a bank, in a rock garden, or at the front of a border.
Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, gritty, moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Cut back after flowering to maintain a compact shape. Divide from spring to early summer.

P. stylosa – Ccrucianells stylosa – This mat forming perennial from the Caucasus and Northeastern Iran grows 6″ tall and at least 20″ wide. From slender, branching stems it carries whorls of 6-8 pointed, narrowly elliptic, musk scented, pale green leaves, to 1″ long. In summer it bears rounded heads of many tiny, tubular-funnel shaped pink flowers, to 3/4″ long.
Zones 5-8