Pileostegia viburnoides – Schizophragma viburnoides –

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Pileostegia –
There are about 4 woody, evergreen root climbers or shrubs in this genus. They occur in forest and cliffs in India and Eastern Asia. They have 2-6″ long, opposite, glossy, obovate to oblong mid green leaves with a prominent vein beneath. In late summer and autumn it bears dense terminal, corymb like 6″ wide panicles of fertile, small cup or star shaped, 4 or 5 petalled, creamy white flowers. P. viburnoides is valued for its foliage and flowers. Grow on a large tree trunk or a wall.
Grow in fertile, humus rich, well drained soil in sun or part shade.

P. viburnoides – Schizophragma viburnoides – This evergreen climber from India. Taiwan and China reaches 20′ feet high. It produces oblong to lance shaped, leathery , dark green leaves, to 6″ long, and are lightly felted when young. In late summer and autumn it bears small star shaped, creamy white flowers, with prominent stamens, are held in dense panicles to 6″ across.
Zones 7-11