Pleioblastus gramineus

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Pleioblastus –

There are about 20 species of upright, evergreen, woody bamboos, in this genus. They occur in woodland and woodland margins in China and Japan. They are grown for their leaves which are linear to lance shaped, 2-14″ long, often checkered, sometime variegated, and usually white bristled on the edges. They generally have vigorously spreading rhizomes, and produce thickets of erect woody culms, round in section, and either hollow or almost solid, on the lower part of each culm there are 1-7 branches per node. Spikes or racemes of spikelets, each containing 5-13 florets, are sometimes produced, but flowering occurs only rarely. They are suitable for growing in open glades in woodland garden or as large, informal hedge.

Grow in loose, fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil in full sun, or in partial shade if not variegated. Some are vigorous, requiring restraint. Divide in spring

P. gramineus – This upright, branched bamboo from Japan and Eastern China grows 6-15′ feet tall and 6′ feet wide. It produces hollow, hairless, green culms, with white waxy powder below the nodes. The leaves, 6-12″ long, are linear, long pointed, hairless, pendent, and twisted at the tips.

Zones 8-11