Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ – Hardy Orange – Aegle – Trifoliate Orange – Bitter Orange –

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Poncirus – Aegle – Trifoliate Orange – Bitter Orange –
There is a sole species of a fast growing spiny, deciduous shrub or small tree in this genus. They occur in woodlands in China and Korea. It produces alternate, 3 palmate, dark green leaves, and is grown for its 5 petaled, fragrant white flowers and orange like fruit. Grow in a shrub border or against a sunny wall, or as a very thick thorny hedge.
Grow in fertile, well drained soil in full sun, with shelter from cold, dry winds.

P. trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ – Hardy Orange -This rounded, bushy, deciduous shrub or tree from Northern China and Korea grows 15′ feet tall and wide. From twisted, rigid, spiny, green shoots it carries alternate, 3 palmate dark green leaves, 1-2 ½” long, consist of 3 obovate leaflets, to 2″ long, turning yellow in autumn. In early summer and again in autumn on second year growth it bears solitary, 5 petaled, cup shaped then saucer shaped, fragrant white flowers, 2″ across. Flowers are followed by orange like, inedible green then orange fruit, 1 ½” across.
Zones 5-9