Primula vulgaris- Primrose




blooms in early spring

comes in 4″ and 6′ pots

P. vulgaris – P. acaulis – Common Primrose – English Primrose – This rosette forming, evergreen or semi evergreen perennial from open woodland and shady banks in Europe and Western Turkey grows 8″ tall and 14″ wide. It produces wrinkled, inversely lance shaped to obovate, toothed to scalloped, deeply veined, bright green leaves, to 10″ long, softly hairy beneath.Early in the season it bears clusters of 3-25 salverform, often fragrant, usually pale yellow flowers with dark eyes, 1-1 ½” across.

Partial shade, in deep, humus rich, moist, neutral to acidic loam, or peaty soil. Tolerates full sun if soil remains moist at all times

zones 4-8