Pseudodcydonia sinensis – Cydonia sinensis – Chinese Quince –


Pseudodcydonia –
There is a sole species of a deciduous or semi evergreen shrub or tree in this genus. It occurs in temperate woodlands in China. It has simple, glossy green leaves, which are serrated, oval with hairy undersides and turn red and yellow tones in fall. It is grown for its peeling bark. 1″ wide cup shaped pink flowers held singly, and their large, fragrant, edible, 4-6″ long yellow oval to pear shaped fruit but is not palatable. It is best grown as a specimen tree, but will only achieve stature only in regions with long, hot summer, in areas with cool summer, it remains shrubby and is best trained against a wall.
Grow in fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

P. sinensis – Cydonia sinensis – Chinese Quince – This spreading, shrub or small tree from China grows to 20′ feet tall and wide. It has a distinctive fluted trunk, bearing peeling, jigsaw-puzzle like bark in shades of green and brown, turning gray with age. From downy young stems it carries oval, finely toothed, dark green leaves to 4″ long, and are covered in dense brown fur beneath turning shades of red and yellow in fall. In mid and late spring it bears solitary, cup shaped pale pink flowers, 1 ½” across. Flowers are followed by ovoid yellow fruit, 6″ long.
Zones 6-8