Pterocarya frainifolia – Caucasian Wingnut – Wingnut –

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Pterocarya – Wingnut

There are about 10 species of fast growing, deciduous tree in this genus. They occur in woodland and on riverbanks, mainly in the mountains of Asia from the Caucasus to Japan. They are grown for their large, alternate, more or less oblong, pinnate leaves composed of 5-27 leaflets, with each leaflet 4″ or more long, which color yellow in autumn, and for their long, pendent spikes of winged fruit, 18″ long, which are produced over a long period in summer. Inconspicuous green male and female flowers are in separate catkins in spring as the leaves emerge. Wingnuts grow to a considerable size (100′ feet or more tall), they are best suited to large gardens or parks.

Grow in deep, fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun.

P. frainifolia – Caucasian Wingnut – This vigorous, spreading tree from the Caucasus and Northern Iran grows 80-100′ feet tall and 70′ feet wide. It has deeply furrowed bark. It produces pinnate leaves, to 16″ long, with cylindrical midribs, the leaves are composed of 23 or more, oblong to ovate, glossy, dark green leaflets. It bears greenish golden catkins. Over long periods in summer it produces small, winged green fruit in pendent spikes, to 20″ long.

Zones 6-9