Pueraria lobata – Pueraria hirsuta – Pueraria thunbergiana – Japanese Arrowroot – Kudzu Vine

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There are about 17 species of mainly woody stemmed, deciduous or evergreen, twining climber in this genus. They occur from thickets and woodlands in Southeastern Asia, and Japan. They are grown for their alternate, 3 palmate or pinnate leaves and for their axillary or terminal racemes of pea like flowers. P. lobata, the only species commonly grown, is extremely vigorous and must be sited with care, it has earned it appellation of “the vine that ate the South”. It is suitable for growing as a groundcover, for screening an unsightly building, or for covering a tall tree stump.

Grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

P. lobata – P. hirsuta – P. thunbergiana – Japanese Arrowroot – Kudzu Vine – This very vigorous, deciduous, twinning climbers, from China, Japan and the Pacific Islands can reach 70′ feet high. It produces 3 palmate leaves composed of ovate to diamond shaped, lobed leaflets,, the central one largest, to 7″ long. In summer and autumn it bears fragrant, pea like purple flowers, 3/4″ long, held in erect racemes, to 10″ long.

Zones 7-9