Pycnanthemum virginianum – American Mountain Mint – Mountain Mint –

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Pycnanthemum – American Mountain Mint – Mountain Mint –
There are about 21 species of perennial in this genus. They occur in open woodland and meadows of the USA. Pycnanthemum species are grown for their variable, opposite, lance to rounded shaped, softly hairy, smooth to toothed edged, mid green leaves, which are very aromatic when bruised. They are useful in an herb garden.
Grow in fertile, well drained soil enriched with organic matter in full sun to partial shade.
Prone to rust.

P. virginianum – This upright perennial from eastern USA grows 30-36″ tall and half as wide. From short leafy branches it carries lance shaped to linear-elliptic, leaves, to 2 ½” long. In late summer it bears many 2 lipped, pink or white flowers, to 3/8″ across, in compact corymbs.
Zones 4-8