Ranzania japonica – Podophyllum japonicum –


Ranzania –
There is a sole species of a herbaceous perennial in this genus. It is found naturally occurring in deciduous mountain woodlands in Southern Japan. It has short rhizomes and is grown for its attractive foliage and flowers. Smooth stems, carry opposite, 3 palmate leaves at their tips, bear pendent, bell shaped flowers, either singly or in few flowered cymes, before the leaves have fully developed, the long flower stalks become upright as berries form. Grow in a woodland garden or shady border.
Grow in moist, leafy, humus rich soil in partial or deep shade. Divide in early spring.
Prone to slugs.

R. japonica – Podophyllum japonicum – This rhizomatous perennial from Southern Japan grows 12″ tall and 8″ wide. From smooth stems, carries 2 or 3 opposite, broadly triangular leaves, to 3″ long, composed of 3 broadly ovate to heart shaped leaflets, mid green above, bluish green beneath. In mid and late spring, long flower stalks bear pendent, bowl shaped, pale mauve blue flowers, that are up to 1 1/4″ across, each with 6 large, pointed tepals and 6 small petals that recurve with age. The flowers are followed by elliptic white berries, to ½” long.
Zones 4-8