Rhodotypos scandens – Rhodotypos kerrioides – Jetbead – White Kerria –


Rhodotypos –
There is a sole species in the rose family, in this genus. It occurs naturally in scrub and woodland in China and Japan. It has opposite, ovate, toothed leaves, but is grown for its large, papery, 4 petaled white flowers, born from spring to summer, and for its glossy black berries. Grow in a shrub border or woodland garden.
Easily grown in moderately fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil, preferably in sun, although partial shade is tolerated.

R. scandens – R. kerrioides – Jetbead – White Kerria – This deciduous shrub from China and Japan grows 5-15′ feet tall and wide. From arching shoots it carries opposite, ovate, tapered, serrated, deeply veined, fresh green leaves, to 2 ½” long, which may develop slight red or yellow colors in autumn. In late spring to mid summer it bears 4 petaled white flowers, 1-2″ across, are carried singly. Flowers are followed by spherical, glossy black berries, to ½” across, usually in groups of 4 and last well into winter and are attractive to birds. May become invasive.
Zones 5-8