Rohdea japonica – Lily of China –


Rohdea –
There is a sole species of a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial in the Ruscaceae family, in this genus. It is found in woodlands in Eastern Asia. It is grown for its evergreen basal rosettes of fleshy, sword shaped, dark green leaves, and short erect spikes of narrowly bell shaped white flowers borne in early spring followed by tight clusters of red or yellow berries. Grow in a woodland garden or damp, shady border.
Grow in humus rich, moist, moderately fertile soil in deep or partial shade. Divide in spring or autumn.
Prone to slugs, snails, and vine weevil larvae.

R. japonica – Lily of China – This rosetted, rhizomatous perennial from Southwestern China and Japan grows 10″ tall and 8″ wide. It produces semi erect, usually inversely lance shaped, leathery,, dark green leaves 8-18″ long. In early spring, erect stems bear dense spikes, 1-3″ long, of narrowly bell shaped, greenish white flowers, less then ½” across, followed by fleshy red berries.
Zones 7-9