Rosa banksiae – Rose banksiae var. alba – Rose banksiae ‘Alba Plena’ – Double White banksian rose –

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Rosa banksiae – R. banksiae var. alba – R. banksiae ‘Alba Plena’ – Double White banksian rose -This near evergreen climbing species rose from Western and Central China grows 20-40′ feet tall and 20-30′ feet wide. From thornless stems it carries small, light pointed green leaves composed of 3-7 leathery oblong-lance-shaped to elliptic-ovate leaflets, up to 2 ½” long. In late spring cascading clusters of 3-7 of rosette shaped, semi to fully double, sweetly scented white flowers, that are 1″ across, with notched petals. Protect from frost for best result.

Zones 8-9